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Analyzing Visual Culture

The Distant Viewing Lab uses and develops computational techniques to analyze visual culture on a large scale. It seeks to develop tools, methods, and datasets that can be re-used by other researchers. The lab engages closely with critical cultural and data studies, aiming to make explicit the interpretive act of algorithmic logic. The Lab is directed by Taylor Arnold and Lauren Tilton and located at the University of Richmond.

An example of the current results from our Distant Viewing Toolkit is shown below.

For the theoretical underpinnings of the lab, see the following paper:

"Distant Viewing: Analyzing Large Visual Corpora."
Taylor Arnold and Lauren Tilton. Digital Scholarship in the Humanities. Published online 15 March 2019.

Further information and examples can be accessed from the links on the left-hand side. Please contact us if you have any questions or would be interested in collaborating on future projects.